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News Archive of the Population Ecology Group

In our very active group  we have lots of things happening throught the year. This includes the regular routines at the field site of the Jena Experiment, various research projects, and various highlights, some of which are listed here.

Current year

November: The Laborjournal ranking in evolutionary biology reports good reception of our articles. The ranking includes citations form researchers residing in Austria, Switzerland and Germany (#16).

November: Holger is contributing to a yDiv training course on career planning for young scientists.

November: Laszlo Garamszegi is visiting for a mini writing and planning retreat.

November: Reto is giving seminar talks at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, and at the LMU Munich.

October: Holger joins an iDiv synthesis workshop sTraitChange, organized by Viktoriia Radchuk, Marcel E. Visser, in Leipzig. The workshop promises exciting discussion on how environmental change shapes population dynamics and trait evolution.

October: Jutta Behr has started as our new secretary. Welcome!

October: First annual retreat of the NC3 Collabrative Research Center on individualized niches.

September: Gabriele is attending the Berlin-Oxford summer school on Open, transparent, and reproducible research in the life sciences.

September: Anne is co-organizing the topcial session on trophic levels in biodiversity experiments at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

September: Our group is contributing to MINT festival Jena that aims to enthuse school kids for the natural sciences.

September: Elina and Martin have joint the CRC team on individualized niches. The will both focus on meta-analyses. Welcome, Elina and Martin!

August: Ana is leaving our group. Thanks a lot for all your contribution, Ana!

August: Reto and Abhijeet set off for the Second Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Montpellier, where Reto is running the symposium S40 - Towards an integrated understanding of genomic and phenotypic divergence.

August: Reto has advertised his PhD postion (funded by the German Research Foundation) on the Genomics of Hybridization, Speciation, and Plumage Coloration. Please spread the word and apply if you are interested.

August: Max, Fabian and Holger left for field work studying colour-polymorphisms in grasshoppers.

July: Here is a new short video on our biodiversity research at Jena Experiment field site starring Anne and Nico.

July: July is the time for our practical courses in basic ecology as part of the BSc in Biology.

July: Reto received a large research grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project will use cutting-edge population genomics to reravel the speciation and phenotype evolution in replicated hybrid zones of wheaters. Congratulations, Reto!

June: Gabriele started her field work season on the evolutionary ecology of predictability in behaviour.

May: The Collaborative Rearch Center (funded by the German Research Foundation) on Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction (NC3) has had its kick-off meeting in Bielefeld. Things get started and we are facing significant new insights into the ecology and evolution of individualized niches.

May: Check out the Jena Experiment papers and their impact using the new Google Scholar profil of the Jena Experiment.

April: Anne is organizing a thematic session on Trophic levels in biodiversity experiments at this year's Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The call for contributions is out.

April: Gabriele has started her PhD project on predictability of escape behaviour in grasshoppers as part of the new Collaborative Research Center on individualized niches. Welcome, Gabriele!

March: Günter has presented on the change in grasshopper communities at the Jena Experiment field sites at the biannual meeting of the German Society for Orthopera (DGfO).

March: This year's call of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for PhD student applications is out and we have offered a project. Check it out.

March: The curriculum for our Masters in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics has been officially approved. This now makes a very attractive study programm that is with the be checked out. A revised homepage will follow soon.

March: The IMPRS had its annual retreat with lots of interesting student talks, poster presentations and two exciting planaries. Very interesting was also a presentation on TReND, a grassroots intitative for promiting natural sciences research and teaching in Africa.

February: Silke has left the group after an extended period of work as a gardener in the Jena Experiment. Thanks again for all your help, Silke!

February: Group spring hike to see some early flowering plants, Eranthis hyemalis in particular. Wonderful sunny weather!

February: Follow the Jena Experiment on Twitter to keep up with the newest development in large-scale experimental biodiversity research.

January: Pablo has successfully defended his PhD thesis on Phenotypic plasticity and condition-dependent trait expression in sexual ornaments and body colour in the alpine grasshopper Gomphocerus sibiricus. Congratulations, Pablo!

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December: We have opened applications for two PhD postion. PhD position in Evolutionary Ecology of Predictability in Behavior and PhD position on a meta-analysic perspective on individualized niches. The deadline for applications is 14 January 2018.

November: The DFG decided to fund our Collaborative Rearch Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) on "Niche Choice, Niche Conformance, Niche Construction (NC3)" with two of the 19 projects located in Jena. Two PhD positions will soon be avertised.

November: The Research Unit of the Jena Experiment holds its regular retreat in Jena to discuss the newst results. At the same time, a recent publication gives a comprehensive overview of past 15 years of experimental biodiversity research at the Jena Experiment.

November: The symposia for the next 2nd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in Montpellier 2018 have beeen announced with Reto organising a symposium Towards an integrated understanding of genomic and phenotypic divergence.

November: Luke Eberhart-Phillips is visiting for a presentation in the EES colloquium. He's presenting his exciting work on sex ratios and mating systems in shorebirds.

Oktober: 26 mins Arte documentary (in German and French) on the grassland biodiversity research from the Jen Experiment just came out.

Oktober: Course registration for the winter semester has started. Interested students, please check out our teaching classes.

Oktober: Sadly, Max has moved away. Thanks again for all your enthusism and contribution to the group, Max.

September: A short documentary on the Jena Experiment was shown ARD. Have a look.

September: September is the month for the group excursion. We've for a nice hike on a beautiful later summer day.

September: September is the month for the group excursion. We've for a nice hike on a beautiful later summer day.

September: We are now part of the new Insitute of Ecology and Evolution.

August: Holger has joined the Michael Stifel Center Jena, a network of scientist working on large-scale datasets..

August: The German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) has advertised a junior resaerch group leader postion in Adaptation and Evolution.

July: Pablo has submitted his PhD thesis on phenotypic plasticity and condition-dependent trait expression in our favorite alpine grasshopper. Congratulations, Pablo!

June: Reto published a very interesting commentary on the interpretation of patterns of genomic differentiation in the new open access journal Evolution Letters.

June: Anne organized and attended the second sToichNutNet workshop. The workshop has focused on plant community stoichiometry and consequences for plant damage and is based on the worldwide NutNet project .

June: The first data collection for biomass at the Jena Experiment has just been finished, the first mowing is done too.

May: Meeting of the iDiv members from Jena. Very intersting to see the breadth and strength of the topics covered.

April: Holger joint the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) as a full member.

March: The first period of weeding has just started at the Jena Experiment.

February: Anja went to a workshop on community assembly that she co-organized. The workshop focuses on various global change drivers and analyses long term data from the Jena Experient and Cedar Creek biodiversity experiments.

February: An impressive video sequence presenting the Jena Experient has been released.

February: The symposium "15 Years of the Jena Experiment: The Past, the Pesent and the Future" took place from 7th to 8th february in the Volksbad in Jena.

January: Conservation biologist Prof. Richard Primack from Boston University visited the Institute and has also inspected the field site of the Jena Experiment.

January: Anne just returned from an sToichNutNet workshop that she has organized. The workshop has focused on plant community stoichiometry and consequences for plant damage and is based on the worldwide NutNet project .

January: Abhijeet Shah has moved from Bielefeld to Jena. Welcome, Abhijeet!

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December: Holger has joined the the International Max Planck Resarch School (IMPRS) for The Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques as a faculty member.

December: The new university magazine Lichtgedanken has featured the Jena Experiment as one of its cover stories (in German) in its first issue.

December: Sara Bellinvia has received an award from the Friedrich Wilhelm Helweg Foundation for her Masters thesis on predictability in behaviour. Congratulations!

December: Ana has started her work as a technical assistent in our group. Welcome, Ana!

November: The Jena Experiment had its annual retreat at the iDiv in Leipzig.

October: Arnaud Gaigher, a PhD student with Luca Fumagalli in Lausanne, has arrived for a one-week stay to do some molecular genetic analyses with Reto. Welcome, Arnaud!

October: Adrián Baños Villalba, a PhD student with Pim Edelaar in Sevilla, has arrived for a three-month stay to conduct some quantitative genetic analyses. Welcome, Adrián!

September: A completely revised and extended version of our R package rptR for the estimation of repeatabilities is now available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

September: Our group went to western Thuringia (Eichsfeld) to conduct a tour by draisine. Very beautiful trip! .

August: Anne joins the editorial board of Ecology & Evolution. Congratulations, Anne!

August: A tree cricket (Oecanthus pellucens) near the institute seems to be the first documented record for the county Thuringia. [Image]

July: Shinichi Nakagawa is visiting from Sydney for finishing and developing some collaborative work.

July: The Jena Experiment will have its Open House Day on 19th July 2016. This will be a great opportunity to visit one of the longest-running experimental biodiversity projects worldwide.

July: Darren joined our group as a postdoc in the Jena Experiment. Welcome, Darren!

June: Our group went for an orchid hike in the surroundings of Jena. Great weather and beautiful plants!

June: Our R package squid: Statistical Quantification of Individual Differences got released on CRAN. The package allows simulation based tools of optimizing sampling designs and comes with tutorials for teaching and self-study of mixed effects models. Check it out!

June: Reto, Petra and Max join the group. Warm welcome!

May: Anasuya joins from Bielefeld to continue her PhD work on the genetic architecture of song and morphology in grasshoppers.

May: Holger starts as head of department.

April: Start of the summer semester and re-initiation of the department.

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