Fedtschenkoi's Bush-cricket (Roeseliana fedtschenkoi)

Welcome to the Population Ecology Group

We are interested in eco-evolutionary processes and how they contribute to the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity. Our special focus lies on local adaptation and the role of species interactions. We approach this topic from different angles, including long-term experimental field work, controlled laboratory experiments, and genomic analyses.
Fedtschenkoi's Bush-cricket (Roeseliana fedtschenkoi)
Image: Holger Schielzeth

Recent news

March: Holger will be awarded the Ars Legendi Faktultätenpreis 2023External link for his teaching curriculum that supports student independence in learning and data literacy.

March: NhuExternal link from the University of Cologne (supervised by Juliette de Meaux) is visiting for animal model analyses (a form of a linear mixed effects model) on plant data.

March: Franzi has joined the Population Ecology Group to work on her own DFG-funded project to understand the mechanisms of sequestration of plant defense compounds in flea beetles. Welcome, Franzi!

March: Anna has joined was a plant postdoc within the Jena-Experiment. Welcome, Anna!

January: A recording of Holger's mini-presentation on our Bachlor teaching de supporting student's independent learning is now available on the university website.

January: Niloo has left the Population Ecology Group Jena for a postdoc position in Stuttgart, where she will continue to work on speciation, hybridization and introgression. It was great to have you around, Niloo, and we wish you all the best for the future.

December: Anne has held here teaching probation lecture. The last step in her habilitation process. And it was a great talk on seed dispersal as an endanged ecosystem functions. Congratulations, Anne, you've made it excellently!

November: The ceremony of the 2022 ALe Teaching Award was held has part of our university's Dies legendi. Holger give a short presentation of our practical in evolutionary biology.

November: Elina has successfully defended her PhD thesis on individualized ecological niches. Congratulations, Elina, on being a Dr. now.

November: Anne has successfully defended her habilitation thesis. Congratulations, Anne. Now there is only the teaching demonstration still to come.

November: Holger is giving a presentation at a workshop on Bayesian analyses organized by the interactive inferenceExternal link project.

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The Population Ecology Group is one of the four research groups in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution de (est. 2018). The joint interest of the institute representing evolutionary processes and functional biodiversity analyses in teaching and research at the FSU. The other three groups in the institute are the Biodiversity of Plants Group (Prof. Römermann) de, the Systematic Botany Group (Prof. Hellwig) de and the Ecology Group (Prof. Halle) de.

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