Ecological Seminar 2019/20

Ecological seminar and EES Colloquium series of talks for internal and external speakers.

The Ecological Seminar features talks from the groups of Population Ecology and Ecologyde at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution and from external guests.The EES Colloquium is organized jointly by the groups of the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionde and usually hosts external guest speakers.

Talks will be announced here and on the information boards in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Talks are given in German or English (as in the title). Talks take place on Wednesdays at 14:30 (!) in Room 501 at Dornburger Str. 159 (ES) or in the lecture hall Am Planetarium (EES).

Date & time Speaker Title
Carolin Tröger (Ecology Jena) Habitat analysis of foraging sites in lynx (Lynx lynx)
Rose G. Trappes (Bielefeld) Defining the niche for niche construction
Abhijeet Shah (Population Ecology Jena) Genome architecture of Acridid grasshoppers
Sophie Müller (Ecology Jena) Lebensraumanalyse zur potentiellen Verbreitung des Luchses in Thüringen
Thomas Herben (Prague) Growth strategies of perennial herbs: phenology, clonality and response to disturbance
Monday, 14:15
Alexander Suh (Uppsala) Sex-specific and tissue-specific genome differences in songbirds
Manuel Schweizer (Berne) Processes and mechanism generating avian diversity: an evolutionary and historical perspective
Jan Szameitke (Ecology Jena) The spatial-temporal memory of Scandinavian brown bears (Ursus arcotos)
Elina Takola (Population Ecology Jena) Bibliographic analysis of the ecological niche concept
David Cebulla (Jena) How to become a nature film maker
Clemens Küpper (Seewiesen) A lethal inversion and the evolutionary consequences of Ruff sex
Christin Minge (Ecology Jena) Use of a protected area by male Asian elephants in relation to reproductive state


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