Ecological Seminar 2018

During winter term, the Ecological Semiar alternates with the Ecology, Evolution & Systematics Colloquium. Talks will be announced here and on the information boards in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. Talks are given in German or English (as in the title). The Ecology, Evolution & Systematics Colloquium is organized jointly by all groups of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution.

Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 14:30 (!) unless indicated otherwise.

ES = Ecological Seminar, Dornburger Str. 159, Room 501
EES = Ecology, Evolution & Systematics Colloquium, Am Planetarium 1, lecture hall


Date & time   Speaker Title
17/10/2018 ES Marcus Richter (Hawaii) Hawai’i – Lost Paradise? Evolution and landscape ecology in the West Maui Mountains
15:00 !
ES special Gabriel David (Beijing) Secondary contact at the Sino-Japanese divide: genetic and cultural introgression across a little-known biogeographical boundary
    Dave Lutgen (Montpellier) A multilocus phylogeography reveals cyto-nuclear discordances in the North African genus Chalcides (Reptilia: Squamata)
07/11/2018 ES Alejandro Rios (Jena) Genetic mechanisms underlying a green-brown dimorphism in the grasshopper Gomphocerus sibiricus
14/11/2018 EES Ricardo Pereira (Munich) Divergence and gene flow during species radiations: insights from Chorthippus grasshoppers
21/11/2018 ES Elina Takola (Jena) How much novelty is needed when quantifying boldness by novel-object trials?
28/11/2018 EES Anton Fischer (Munich) Modelling future potential natural vegetation in Bavaria. What will happen with our forests in a warmer world?
05/12/2018 ES Gabriele Tumelero (Jena) Variation in predictability of grasshopper escape behaviour
12/12/2018 EES Martin Stoffel (Bielefeld) About the origins of genetic diversity and unusual phenotypes in pinnipeds
09/01/2019 EES Tba Tba
16/01/2019 ES Anja Vogel (Jena) News from the Jena Experiment
23/01/2019 EES Tba Tba
30/01/2019 ES Jessica Finck (Jena) Howling and oxytocin release in wolves (and dogs): using howling to understand the role of oxytocin for social interactions with conspecifics
06/02/2019 EES Thierry Dutoit (Avignon) Release or restore ecosystems?


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