Dark Whiteface (Leucorrhinia albifrons)

Elina Takola

PhD student in the Population Ecology Group with a focus on meta-analysis of individalized niches.
Dark Whiteface (Leucorrhinia albifrons)
Image: Holger Schielzeth
Elina Takola
PhD student
Elina Takola
Room 425
Dornburger Straße 159
07743 Jena
Research interests Expand entry

I studied Forestry with a major on Wildlife Conservation, Range Science and Fisheries. My previous research focuses on community ecology, inter- and intra-specific interactions and species distribution models. I have been using resource selection functions to develop habitat preference models of the black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) in Scotland. Other projects include microhabitat selection and diversity patterns of reptile communities as well as sexual dimorphism of land tortoises (Testudo sp.) in Greece.

Current project Expand entry

Why individuals behave differently? How can the reaction of an individual affect the collective behavior of a population? My PhD project addresses questions relevant to intra-specific behavioural differences and the most efficient methods to test them. The results will help understanding the mechanisms of variation and consistency of animal’s reactions. This project is part of the collaborative research centre SFB-TRR 212: NC³.

In order to obtain an overview of niche individualization I will use meta-analytical methods. Meta-analysis is a powerful tool for behavioural ecology as it provides an overview of scientific results. Additionally, further research implications and research gaps can be detected and highlighted through meta-analytical processes.

My goals are to understand the causation of individual behaviour and to develop new frameworks that will be useful to future studies in behavioural ecology.

Publications and preprints Expand entry

Takola, E. & Schielzeth, H. (2022). Hutchinson’s ecological niche for individuals. Biology & Philosophy 37: 25. doi: 10.1007/s10539-022-09849-y

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Moran, N.P., Caspers, B.A., Chakarov, N., Ernst, U.R., Fricke, C., Kurtz, J., Lilie, N.D., Lo, L.K., Müller, C., Takola, E., Trimmer, P.C., van Benthem, K.J., Winterlitz, J. & Wittmann, M.J. (2022). Shifts between cooperation and antagonism driven by individual
variation: a systematic synthesis review. Oikos 2022: e08201. doi: 10.1111/oik.08201

Takola, E., Krause, E.T., Müller, C. & Schielzeth, H. (2021). Novelty at second glance: a critical appraisal of the novel object paradigm based on meta-analysis. Animal Behaviour 180: 123-142. doi: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2021.07.018