Winter aconite Eranthis hyemalis

Theses at the Population Ecology Group

We offer a variety of projects for Bachelor, Master and PhD theses. Students interested in evolutionary ecology, molecular ecology, or community ecology are welcome to contact any of the team members.
Winter aconite Eranthis hyemalis
Image: Ilka Wolf

Looking for a Bachelor or Masters project?

We continously offer a selection of topics for Bachelor or Master projects. The list of past and completed projects below gives you an impression about the range of topcis that we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested and movitated to work in the field of evolutionary, molecular or community ecology.

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Ongoing PhD projects

Anasuya Chakrabarty
Genetic constraint, non-independence of traits and consequences for adaptive evolution in Acridid grasshoppers

Abhijeet Shah
Genomic architecture of grasshoppers

Gabriele Tumelero
The evolutionary ecology of predictability in escape behaviour

Elina Takola
Metaanalysis of individualized niche choice, conformance and construction

Dave Lutgen
Genomics of hybridization, speciation, and phenotypic evolution in wheatears

Completed PhD projects

Valverde Monge, J.P. (2018). Phenotypic plasticity and condition-dependent trait expression in sexual ornaments and body colour in the alpine grasshopper Gomphocerus sibiricus. PhD thesis, Bielefeld University.

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Ongoing Master projects

Lisa Deak
Historical hybrid zone structure in wheatears (Supervision Reto Burri)

Laura Viteri
Gene tree variation across wheatear genomes (Supervision Reto Burri)

Sharon Marongo
Microhabitat choice in green-brown polymorphic grasshoppers (Supervision Holger Schielzeth)

Fabian Klimm
The value of flower strips in agricultural landscapes: Effects on herbivory, pollination and decomposition (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Maximilian Bröcher
The value of flower strips in agricultural landscapes: Effects on predation networks (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Katharina Franke
Effects of nutrient addition on herbivore performance. (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Completed Master projects

Rios Villamil, A. (2018) Genetic mechanism underlying green-brown dimorphism in Gomphocerus sibiricus. Master thesis, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (Supervision Holger Schielzeth)

Schulze, C. (2017). Assessing a method for measuring seed dispersal along a gradient in land-use intensity. Master thesis, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Förster, T. (2017). Plant bottom-up effects on larval and adult beetle communities in a biodiversity experimen. Master thesis, University of Innsbruck. (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Bellinvia, S. (2016). Inaccuracy or intended chaos? Development and condition-dependence of unpredictability in escape behaviour. Master thesis, Bielefeld University. (Supervision Holger Schielzeth)

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Ongoing Bachelor projects

Anna-Lisa Schween
Phenological trait plasticity in response to drought and plant diversity (Supervision Anja Vogel)

Completed Bachelor projects

Heinze, P. (2018): Homochromie beim farbpolymorphen Gemeinen Grashüpfer (Pseudochorthippus parallelus) (Zetterstedt, 1821). Bachelor thesis, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (Supervision Petra Dieker)

Liborius, S. (2017): Aufnahme von Bioturbation- Ein methodischer Vergleich. Bachelor thesis, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

Reichelt, E. (2017): Beeinflusst Pflanzendiversität Heuschreckzönosen? Untersuchungen im Jena Experiment. Bachelor thesis, Friedrich Schiller University Jena. (Supervision Anne Ebeling)

van Kronenberg, P. (2016): Direct and indirect genetic effect on oviposition behaviour of Chorthippus biguttulus. Bachelor thesis, Bielefeld University. (Supervision Holger Schielzeth)

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