Burnt-tip orchid Neottinea ustulata

Dr. Anja Vogel

Plant ecology postdoc in the Jena Experiment.
Burnt-tip orchid Neottinea ustulata
Image: Holger Schielzeth
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I am fascinated to study the consequences of biodiversity loss in a changing world and the mechanisms of biodiversity effects. In my diploma studies I investigated the plasticity of subordinate plant species across a diversity gradient. Later, for my PhD-thesis, I focused on community aspects to understand the role of plant diversity for resistance and resilience against drought and management intensification in grasslands. My results highlight the importance to incorporate multiple global environmental change factors into biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research. Now, together with Dr. Cameron Wagg from the University of Zurich, I am studying the assembly processes of plant species in communities of varying plant diversity when facing frequent summer drought.

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Drought experiment JE Image: Anja Vogel

To disentangle the effect of biodiversity or global climate change from other co-varying factors an experimental approach is irreplaceable. My study is based on the big biodiversity platform of the Jena Experiment where I established a drought experiment. Both, the Jena Experiment and the drought experiment already are long-term running which offer the great opportunity of mechanistic investigations. I do this in close cooperation with the Universities of Leipzig, Jena and Zurich.

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