Southern Brazil

Gabe Winter

PhD student in the Population Ecology Group as part of the Collaborative Research Center on the evolutionary ecology of individualized niches.
Southern Brazil
Image: Gabe Winter
Gabe Winter
PhD student
Gabe Winter
Room 425
Dornburger Straße 159
07743 Jena
Research Interests Expand entry

I am an ecologist currently working in behavioral ecology, with a background in ecomorphology and environmental education, and a particular interest in reproducibility and open science. The ecomorphological studies test if morphological differences result in performance differences in environmentally relevant tasks, such as escape predators and competition for food or partners, leading to differences of behaviour and ecology. Therefore, it expands the understanding of very important concepts in biology, such as adaptation, natural selection and ecological niche. That makes me interested in evolutionary processes, generally.

Current Projects Expand entry

The project entitled “Behavioural niche choice: personality differences and unpredictability in escape behaviour” is part of the Collaborative Research Center on the evolutionary ecology of individualized niches. Using the colour-polymorphic steppe grasshopper (Chorthippus dorsatus), we aim to access: a) adaptive phenotypic responses to environmental variability; b) individual strategy-dependent preferences for habitats of different complexity; c) the ontogeny of (un)predictability in behaviour; and d) fitness consequences of variation in predictability.

Open Data Expand entry

Winter, G. (2020). Morphological variation in the body and chelipeds of three species of Aegla. OSF Registries doi: 10.17605/

Winter, G. (2020). Geometric morphometrics of body and chelae of Aegla plana. OSF Registries doi: 10.17605/

Preregistered Studies Expand entry

Winter, G. & Schielzeth, H. (2020). Effects of habitat complexity on the predictability in escape behavior of grasshoppers. OSF Preregistration doi: 10.17605/

Publications Expand entry

Winter, G., Varma, M. & Schielzeth, H. (2021). Simple inheritance of color and pattern polymorphism in the steppe grasshopper Chorthippus dorsatus. Heredity 127: 66-78. doi: 10.1038/s41437-021-00433-w [Data availability]